Integrate CyberMiles Remix & MetaMask

Install CyberMiles MetaMask Chrome extension

  • Download chrome.crx from
  • Install chrome.crx (Go to chrome://extensions/ and drag the chrome.crx extension file to extension page)
  • Open MetaMask to initialize CMT account
  • Switch to Test Network

Run Remix IDE

git clone
cd remix-ide
npm install
npm run setupremix
npm start
  • It will run Remix IDE on default port 8080

Using MetaMask in Remix IDE

  • Go to run tab at right panel and select Injected Web3 as Environment)
  • Use StringReverse.sol as example
pragma lity ^1.2.4;

contract StringReverse {
  event log(string s);

  function test() public returns (string) {
    string memory ret;
    ret = eni("reverse", "Hello, world");
    emit log(ret);
    return ret;

  function reverse(string src) public returns (string) {
    string memory ret;
    ret = eni("reverse", src);
    emit log(ret);
    return ret;
  • Click red Deploy button to deploy contract
  • Submit create contract transaction in MetaMask
  • Now we try to submit reverse(“ABCDE”) function call (click red reverse button to submit)
  • Submit reverse call transaction in MetaMask
_images/submit-reverse-transaction.png _images/after-submit-reverse-transaction.png
  • Check result in Remix IDE console
_images/remix-console-1.png _images/remix-console-2.png