ENI Types

These types are provided to be coherent with primitive types of Lity (Solidity).

ENI Integers

All integer types in ENI is implemented using boost::multiprecision::number. Some of them are aliases for types predefined in boost::multiprecision::cpp_int.

Integer Type Size (bits) Signed Note
eni::s256 256 Alias for boost::multiprecision::int256_t.
eni::Int 256 Alias for eni::s256.
eni::u256 256 Alias for boost::multiprecision::uint256_t.
eni::u160 160 Size of an Ethereum address.
eni::u128 128 Alias for boost::multiprecision::uint128_t.
eni::u64 64  
eni::UInt 256 Alias for eni::u256.

Operations on ENI Integers

See the documentation for boost::multiprecision::number for supported operations.

Suggested Use of ENI Integers

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ENI Boolean

eni::Bool is an alias for C++ bool.

ENI Address

eni::Address is an alias for eni::u160 (20 bytes, size of an Ethereum address).

Convert ENI Types to C++ String

eni::to_string uses boost::lexical_cast internally to convert ENI types to std::string.

All ENI integers, eni::Bool, eni::Address are supported.

std::string to_string(eni::TypeName);


eni::Int int32max(2147483647);
std::string s = eni::to_string(int32max); // "2147483647"

eni::Bool bTrue(true);
std::string t = eni::to_string(bTrue);    // "true"

Abstract Data Types

See eni::Vector and eni::StringMap.

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JSON Types

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