How to Contribute

Help is always appreciated!

This document briefly explains the process to report an issue or submit a pull request.

See the contribution guidelines in the Solidity documentation for more information.

Report an Issue

Please provide the following information as much as possible.

  • The version (commit-ish) your using.
  • Your platform, environment setup, etc.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Your expected result of the issue.
  • Current result of the issue.

Create a Pull Request

  • Fork from the lity branch.
  • Avoid to create merge commits when you update from lity by using git rebase or git pull --rebase (instead of git merge).
  • Add test cases for your pull request if you’re proposing new features or major bug fixes.
  • Build and test locally before submit your pull request.
  • Respect the coding style for this project.